Why IQ Go?

IQ Go was designed specifically for the holiday market. Whether you need Wi-Fi for a caravan, motorhome, tent or just for days out in remote areas. We have a SIM solution that provides flexibility to work around your holiday calendar.

One Annual Fee

£20, this will keep your SIM active on the network and ready for use all year at the drop of a Sombrero. 

Buy Data Bundles

As you require them. Why pay to have data all year when you may only require it for a few different trips?

"Light switch" principle

Why wouldn't you have this? We can't holiday everyday of the year.


Works for you wherever you go. Strong coverage throughout the UK along with roaming in EU.

Flexible data packages

Work to what you need - you only add what you need when you need it. We have kept it simple. 

Full Month usage

If you add a bundle on the 9th, then you get until the 9th of the next month. If it runs out, you can just top it up!

Data covers UK and EU

We do not have a "Fair use policy" when abroad which is pretty unique. If you order 100GB, you get 100GB in UK or EU. We do however state we can't permit more than 3 months in a row EU usage without use in the UK breaking it up.

Monthly contract

No monthly contract commitment! Enough said really.