Frequently Asked Questions

Contacting IQ Mobile

WhatsApp, SMS and Live Chat
You chat to us by typing a message in the 'chat with us' box in the bottom right hand corner. We prefer WhatsApp if you are on it. We typically respond to chat messages 8am to 8pm, including weekends where possible. Outside of 9-5 we might be a little bit slower! 

You can email us on

You can call our UK based office team free on either 500 from you SIM card or 01225 588101 from any other line (charges from landlines and other mobile networks may vary). 

We answer the phone 9-5 Monday to Friday.

Leaving IQ Mobile a message
You can leave us message on live chat, or by filling out the contact us form here

Keeping My Number (Porting)

How do I port in my number?

If you have just received your new SIM, then please use our online form to start the inbound port process.

The port will complete next working day, between 1500 and 1800. You need to insert your IQ SIM and use it, e.g. for calls or data, before midnight on the day before (but you can switch back to your old one if you need).

What is Porting?
Porting is the term used when a number is being transferred from one service provider to another

Can I keep my current mobile number and transfer it to IQ Mobile?
Yes. To transfer your number please get your PAC code and the number you want to transfer and send it to us via the "How can we help" chat link in the bottom right corner of the screen.

How do I get a PAC code?
You will need to get your PAC (porting authorisation code) from your previous service provider. It will consist of 3 capital letters, followed by 6 numbers.

You can request your PAC code by Text. Simply text ‘PAC’ to 65075 to begin the process.

Please see OFCOM's guide to requesting a PAC code

If I transfer my number to IQ Mobile, will it still be active on my original Network?
Once the number transfer has been completed your service with your previous provider should automatically be cancelled (please confirm this with your previous network provider)
How long will it take for my number to move to IQ Mobile? 
It usually completes the following working day. Ports complete between 3pm and 6pm and usually you loose service on your old SIM a few hours before the number goes live with IQ.

How long is my PAC code valid for?
All PAC codes are valid for 30 days from the date of issue. If your PAC code has expired, you'll need to request a new one from your previous provider


Where can I view my bill?
Please ask us to email you the bill if you require the full usage breakdown. We are working on adding this website functionality.

I don't undertsand my bill, what should I do?
Please call our customer service team or contact us on live chat
How can I pay my bill?
We accept one-off card payments and Direct Debit.

Can I set a ‘credit limit’ on my account?
We have a standard credit limit on all accounts to prevent bill shock.  You can request a change of credit limit.  For more information, please call out customer service team

How can I check my monthly usage?
You can easily check your monthly usage by logging into the ‘View Data Usage’ section on the IQ Mobile Website. Alternatively, you can call our customer service team or contact us on live chat
Will I get charges for calling my Voicemail?
No, Voicemail is included in your allowance.
When do my allowances refresh?
Your allowances will refresh after one calendar month - it all depends on the date your contract started. For example - if you have a connection date of the 5th, your allowances will run until the 4th of the following month, and refresh on the 5th.
If you have added additional numbers to your account, they will all have the same refresh and billing date. To find out more please call our customer service team or contact us on live chat
Can I change which date my allowances refresh each month?
Unfortunately, we're unable to change the allowance refresh date
What charges should I expect to pay at the beginning of my contract?
We'll take your first payment the day you join, this is your first month's line rental in advance, you're next bill will be produced the following month

What charges should I expect to pay at the end of my contract?
At the end of your contract you'll be expected to pay your standard monthly price plan amount, and any additional charges you've incurred outside of your allowances

How much is the cancellation fee if I cancel my contract early?
If you want to end your plan early, then you'll need to pay an early termination fee. You can find out how much this will be by calling our customer service team
What are the charges for calls, texts, MMS and data outside of my monthly allowance?
Please check the out of bundle charges here

Plan Change
I want to change my monthly plan cost and allowances. Can I do this?
You can easily change your plan to one that suits you better - without extending the length of your original contract. Please contact customers services to arrange this

Using the Network Services

What calls are included within my monthly allowance of minutes?
Calls to standard UK mobiles, UK landlines and your VM are included within your allowance. 0800 and 0808 numbers are free to call. If you are visiting a country in the EU or EEA, you can use your phone like at home

Why can’t I access a premium rate service?
IQ Mobile customer’s do not have access to any premium rate services, this is just so you won’t receive any nasty bills due to this
What is an Access Charge service?

An access charge services allow you to purchase a service or product from another company (not IQ Mobile), and then add the charge to your monthly IQ Mobile bill
The most common examples are numbers starting with 118 or 09, which might include:
  1. Calls to chat lines or TV competitions and reality shows
  2. Premium text messages for TV competitions (these usually say something like ‘text WIN' to a certain number)
  3. Purchasing apps and making e-money transactions

How can I check my voicemail messages?
To check your voicemail messages, you can dial 555 from your IQ Mobile SIM
How can I record a personal voicemail greeting?
To record a personal greeting, please dial 555 from your IQ Mobile SIM and then follow the prompts from the automated menu
How can I save my voicemail messages?
Once you've listened to your message you'll be prompted to either repeat, delete or save it. Simply select the appropriate button on your device's keypad
Can I turn off my voicemail? 
Yes, you can do this by calling customer services or contacting us on live chat. If you turn your voicemail off, nobody will be able to leave you a voicemail. If someone calls you, your phone will keep ringing until you pick it up or the call ends. It can take up to 24 hours from requesting it with customer services for the voicemail to be switched off
What is SMS?
SMS (Short Messaging Service) is more commonly referred to as “Text Messaging”. It lets you send a written message from one device to another

What is MMS?
MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) lets you send things like pictures, video’s and sound attachments from one device to another. MMS is charged at a different rate to SMS and is not included in your monthly allowances. We don't support MMS on new plans.

How do I enable data on my phone?
All our plans come with the data service enabled; you just need a device capable of using data, and to make sure you're in an area which has data coverage. If you're unable to use the service, check the 'Service Issue' section
How can I check my data allowance?
The easiest way is to use the ‘My Account’ section on the IQ Mobile website, or you can call our customer service team/ contact us on live chat

What is the difference between Wi-Fi and Mobile Data?
Wi-Fi is a connection method used by phones and tablets to access the internet without having to use mobile data. Most devices now come Wi-Fi ready. Wi-Fi is usually found at home or in the workplace, and some public places offer it for free, such as libraries and coffee shops

Mobile Data is when your device uses phone masts to transfer data between the device and the network. This service is handy when you're on the move, as it lets you surf the internet, send emails and stay connected.

Do you support 4G and Wifi-Calling?

Yes we do! 

Can I tether using my IQ Sim?

Can i use my IQ Sim in tablets, laptops and mifi?
Yes! All IQ Sims are tri-sims and will fit into any device.

 How do I stop unwanted sales or marketing calls?
You can stop most unwanted sales or marketing calls by registering with the TPS (Telephone Preference Service). It's a completely free service, designed to stop anyone getting unwanted calls from businesses or other organisations
Can I withhold my number when I make a call?
Yes, you can withhold your number when making a call from your IQ Mobile SIM by simply typing 141 before you make your call

How do I add additional features to my account?
You can switch features on and off by messaging us.

Examples of additional features are:
  • Removing content filtering / enabling 18+ content
  • International and roaming access (we enable EU roaming by default)
  • Turning off voicemail.
Will I be able to use my phone abroad?
To use your phone abroad you'll need to make sure that roaming been enabled on your account. To enable roaming on your account out side of the EU.

Please note: If you wish to add international and/ or roaming access to your account, you may be required to make an upfront payment depending on where you are going. This is to protect you from bill shock.
What is data roaming?
Data roaming is using the internet on your phone when you're abroad, whether you're browsing the web or sending an email
I don't want to use Data abroad, how do I disable data?
If you don't want to use data abroad we recommend switching off data roaming on your device. This will stop the you from accessing the international data network. Please check the operating manual for the device you are using to activate/deactivate this feature

How can I use internet abroad without using my mobile data?
You can use Wi-Fi when you are in range of a suitable Wi-Fi connection. Hotels and resorts often allow free access to guests, and Wi-Fi is often available in libraries, coffee shops and other public places

We always advise customers who connect to Wi-Fi either at home or abroad to ensure that their mobile data is switched off, so that all data traffic goes via Wi-Fi only
What is inclusive EU roaming?
All IQ Mobile plans come with inclusive EU roaming. This lets you roam like you're at home in many destinations. Any minutes, texts and data you use come out of your monthly allowances. Please check here for more information

Service Issues

My internet isn’t working, what do I do?
First things first, try restarting the handset. If that doesn’t work, it may mean that the Access Point Name (APN) settings are not configured correctly. The correct settings for IQ are:
Name - Internet
APN - everywhere
Proxy / port - Not set
Username - eesecure
Password - secure
MMSC - Not set
MMS Proxy - Not set
MCC - 234
MNC - 33
Once you have saved the above settings, restart your handset and try to access the internet again. If this again does not work, try inserting your SIM into an alternative handset to rule out an issue with the SIM (this is called a SIM cross check), and then insert a different SIM into your handset to rule out an issue with the handset (handset cross check)

If the handset is functioning correctly and you have no data access on SIM, please call our customer service team so we can raise a service escalation with the brainy technical people.  We’ll get it fixed for you as soon as we can

I cannot send or receive Multi Media Messages (MMS), what do I do?
If you are unable to receive Multi Media Messages (MMS), the first thing you should do is restart your handset. If this does not work, it may mean that your MMS Access Point Name (APN) settings are not configured correctly. The correct settings are:
Name - MMS
APN - eezone
Proxy / port - Not set
Username - eesecure
Password - secure
MMSC - http://mms/
MMS Proxy -
MMS Port - 8080
MCC - 234
MNC - 33
APN Type - mms
Once you have saved the above settings, again restart your handset and try to send the MMS again. If this again does not work, try inserting your SIM into an alternative handset to rule out an issue with the SIM (this is called a SIM cross check), and then insert a different SIM into your handset to rule out an issue with the handset (handset cross check).

If the handset is functioning correctly and you still are unable to send/ receive MMS, please call our customer service team so we can raise a service escalation with the brainy technical people.  We’ll get it fixed for you as soon as we can


What is 3G?
3G is third generation of mobile networks. It was launched back in 2003 and gave us much quicker data transfer speeds than 2G. With 3G, UK mobile owners can do things like browsing the web and playing online games
How can I check for mobile coverage?
You can use our network's coverage checker to see what the signal is like in your area

How can I improve my Mobile Signal?
First of all, use our network's coverage checker to see if your area is covered - especially if you're having trouble getting a steady signal. The coverage checker will give a good idea of the level of service you can expect in a particular area

Next, there are a few steps you can follow to try to boost your signal:
  1. Try to move location. If the fault is indoors, sometimes switching rooms can help
  2. Turn your phone off for 10 seconds and restart the device
  3. Try your SIM card in another device (please note the device will need to be unlocked to the IQ Mobile network)
If all the above fails, you can let us know you're experiencing coverage issues by logging a coverage fault by calling our customer service team. We'll investigate the cause of the fault and try to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Please note: We are unable to guarantee service indoors in a property due to varying factors in each architectural build.


Which SIM size do I need?
We've taken the hassle out of having to order a specific SIM card size based on your device. So when you order your IQ Mobile SIM card, you'll get a one size fits all SIM card that snaps into the required size

I've lost my SIM. What should I do?
If your SIM card is lost, broken or stolen, you need to contact us as soon as possible and ask us to place a bar on your account. This stops any unauthorised usage. You may be liable for any usage that happens on your SIM before you contact us

Delivery information
All SIMS are sent via Royalmail Tracked 24. If you have not received your new SIM, or you need to activate it, please call out customer service team or contact us on live chat
How can I place an Order?
You can order with us safely and securely online at, or by calling our customer service team 

Can I cancel or change my order before it's delivered?
You might be able to cancel or change your order if it hasn't been sent out yet, please call our customer service team ASAP 

Will I be required to pay an order cancellation fee?
If you return your order unused within your cooling off period there are no cancellation charges. Any orders returned outside this period will be charged a cancellation fee as per the terms and conditions of your contract. You'll need to pay for line rental and any usage up to the point of cancellation
Is my order likely to be rejected due to poor credit rating?
No, IQ Mobile do not perform credit searches to start a new price plan.