Getting Started

Welcome to IQ Mobile!

IQ Go - Data SIM Customers

Your SIM will be activated by default, but will need to connect to the UK Mobile network for best results. We do not typically provision data bundles until you have received the SIM.

You can add data at

You can see your usage at

The Oldie, QVC or Emporia Joy/Smart5 Customers

If you bought an Emporia Joy Phone (e.g. via QVC or The Oldie) please click here to activate.

If you bought an IQ SIM in a Techhouse Store, please click here to activate.

Online or Phone Customers

Thanks for joining IQ Mobile! Your SIM should work in your phone straight away, with just a couple of things to do to complete your account set up.

    1. Pop the SIM in your phone you can send and receive calls and texts  calls and use your data allowance immediately

    2. Register your payment details to continue to use your SIM after the first month. Complete the Direct Debit mandate here: iQ Mobile Direct Debit.      
    3. Port in your number: If you have just received your new SIM, then please use our online form to start the inbound port process.

Inserting the SIM in your phone

Your new iQ SIM is a Triple SIM. That means it works in any modern phone. 

Simply pop the correct size out of the card frame. If you aren't sure which size to use then check your phone documentation, but most modern phones use the smallest size; Nano.

Standard, Micro and Nano SIM sizes

  • Be very careful. Phones read SIM cards through a set of delicate metal terminals. Don't force the SIM or apply excessive pressure or you could damage your phone.
  • Make sure your phone is turned off when you swap SIMS or remove the battery or SIM tray.

  • If your phone already has a SIM in it take note of it's position before gently removing it.

If your phone has a SIM tray

Most modern phones have a removable SIM tray that containes your SIM and memory cards. It can be hard to find and is usually flush with the edge of your phone.

To remove the SIM tray there is usually a small hole, into which you insert a thin SIM removal tool. Push gently until you hear a slight click and the tray pops out slightly. If you don't have a SIM tool then a pin or needle will work, but be careful - they're sharp.

Simply place your new SIM onto the SIM tray. The SIM has a notch on one corner and should only fit in one way. You should not have to force the SIM or apply pressure.

When the SIM is correctly positioned on the tray just slide it back into the phone. If it becomes snagged or out of position don't force it - simply remove the SIM, reposition it and try again.

When the ISM tray is securely seated restart your phone to start using it on the iQ network.

If your phone has a removable battery

Some phones have a removable battery, and the SIM usually fits into a small metal holder behind it.

The SIM holder is usually a small metal cage that encloses the SIM. The SIM will only fit in one way because of the notch on one corner. There is often a small graphic or arrow on the chassis of the phone to show you the correct alignment. Don't force it or you may damage the alignment pins.

My Emporia phone is asking for a PIN code

Some phones may ask for a pin code when you insert a new SIM.

Don't worry, for our Emporia phones it is very easy to remember! It's 1111.

Do I need to activate my SIM?

Great news! iQ Mobile SIMs are now sent out fully activated. You just need to put it in your device and you'll be ready to go. If for some reason you don't have signal when you put the SIM in, please get in touch.

By default, the SIM will be able to make & receive calls and texts (if you've purchased a voice service) - and use data of course.

Register your payment details

The SIM you purchased comes with 1 month of service included. To continue to use your new iQ SIM for more than one month you need to provide payment details. 

If you would like to keep the SIM for more than one month, or activate any of the more advanced services, please complete the online direct debit.

What if I need more services?

EU Roaming and EU International Calling is Enabled. Data is set to "moderate" by default.

To protect your bill, we deactivate Roaming outside of the EU, International calling Outside of the EU, Premium rate calls and 18+ Mobile Data Content services by default. If you need any help, please contact us.

Help and FAQ

We have made a comprehensive FAQ page to answer all your questions. The FAQ includes information about your account, billing and setting up your phone.