Refurbished iPhone 6s on iQ Mobile

The iPhone 6s made waves when it was launched and it is still one of the most beloved phones on the planet. With a crystal clear

We have secured a range of refurbished iPhone 6s and bundled them with an excellent value iQ Mobile phone contract. 

Quality Refurbished with genuine parts


Does the iPhone 6s have the latest software?

Yes it does! The iPhone 6s supports the latest iOS 14.6, and will be eligible for the very latest iOS 15 update in September 2021. That means the 6s will be protected by the very latest feature and security updates for the forseeable future. 

A refurbished iPhone 6s from iQ mobile is one of the most cost effective ways to experience the very best Apple has to offer with iOS 15.

iPhone and the iQ / EE network: a winning combination